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  • Christian Zierhut

Welcome, Federico Tidu and Vicente Lebrec!

Another exciting start of the month, as two more postdocs joined the lab in September: Federico Tidu and Vicente Lebrec.

Federico joined us from Jan Fric’s lab at the International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) in Brno, where he investigated innate immune signalling in mesenchymal stromal cells for his PhD thesis. In our lab, Federico will focus on innate-immune regulated cell-cell interactions, and analyse these with CRISPR screens and 3D cell culture systems.

Vicente joined us from Olivier Gavet’s group at the Gustave Roussy institute, where he studied the response to replication stress using novel single-cell reporters he developed. Vicente will now apply his knowledge and expertise to analyse innate immune signalling using large-scale image analysis and automated microscopy.

New postdocs Federico (left) and Vicente (right).



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